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  1. Hookin Up PromoHookin Up Promo thumbnailthumbnail overlay30 second promo for the travel series I created at WFNHD called "Hookin' Up with Mariko Izumi"
  2. Skatebuzz launchSkatebuzz launch thumbnailthumbnail overlayKurt Browning introduces a new website and shows off the people/sights of Vancouver.
  3. Hookin' Up Costa Rica part 1Hookin' Up Costa Rica part 1 thumbnailthumbnail overlayCreated and produced this travel series that took us to Boston for St Patrick's Day, New Orleans for
  4. Pro Hockey NetworkPro Hockey Network thumbnailthumbnail overlayPromotional video for the premier men's league in Canada.
  5. Grand Slam of Curling Website promoGrand Slam of Curling Website promo thumbnailthumbnail overlayThe best voice in the curling business narrates this 30 second promo
  6. Walter Gretzky ElementaryWalter Gretzky Elementary thumbnailthumbnail overlayGretzky.com host talks with Walter about being the first Gretzky to have a school named after him.
  7. Tackla Shift 251Tackla Shift 251 thumbnailthumbnail overlay30 second promo for the new Tackla Shift 251 skate
  8. Wayne Gretzky Fantasy PokerWayne Gretzky Fantasy Poker thumbnailthumbnail overlayFun chat with Wayne about his Fantasy Camp charity poker game.
  9. Celebrity CurlingCelebrity Curling thumbnailthumbnail overlayCelebrity curling event in Toronto
  10. Toronto Star: Shopping AppsToronto Star: Shopping Apps thumbnailthumbnail overlayI recently produced a series of technology videos for my friends at the Toronto Star
  11. Hookin' Up - Louisiana PromoHookin' Up - Louisiana Promo thumbnailthumbnail overlayWe produced a unique promo for every episode. This one reminds me of dodging beads.
  12. CanCon 5CastCanCon 5Cast thumbnailthumbnail overlayWrote and produced a weekly fishing webseries called the 5Cast that ran for two years on wfn.tv
  13. GSOC 2012 promoGSOC 2012 promo thumbnailthumbnail overlay60 second promo for the Capital One Grand Slam of Curling
  14. Intro To YogaIntro To Yoga thumbnailthumbnail overlayCanSportLIVE series introducing young athletes to yoga
  15. Motion CaptureMotion Capture thumbnailthumbnail overlay2012 will allow consumers to participate in campaigns through motion capture technology
  16. NHLPA Rookie ShowcaseNHLPA Rookie Showcase thumbnailthumbnail overlayNHL rookies spend a full day in Toronto meeting media and playing shinny
  17. Kevin Smith And Walter GretzkyKevin Smith And Walter Gretzky thumbnailthumbnail overlayKevin and Walter do a routine promo tour in this anything but routine video
  18. 3D Demo3D Demo thumbnailthumbnail overlayDemonstration of the great 3D possibilities for sports and video production
  19. Blue Jays contestBlue Jays contest thumbnailthumbnail overlayGet behind the scenes of a Blue Jays opening night contest
  20. Golf's Most WantedGolf's Most Wanted thumbnailthumbnail overlayGolf tournament goes out of control, as it should.
  21. Patrick Chan Harry RosenPatrick Chan Harry Rosen thumbnailthumbnail overlayWorld Champion Canadian Figure Skater Patrick Chan works on a new suit for Harry Rosen.
  22. OVMA Conference & TradeshowOVMA Conference & Tradeshow thumbnailthumbnail overlayThis Second City talent shines as we covered an industry tradeshow